Why Direct Mail is Making a Comeback

Why Direct Mail is Making a Comeback

In this day in age, businesses and customers are inundated with technology. Many potential clients delete emails from unknown senders immediately and refuse to answer phone calls from unfamiliar numbers. This makes it challenging to make a personal connection and to reach prospective clients. 

For these reasons, direct mail is making a comeback. According to research done by Forrester, “Businesses sent 66% more direct mail, personalized gifts, perishables, handwritten notes, and other physical items in 2018 than 2017.” These personalized touches reach their customers throughout the business lifecycle. 

Businesses are finding direct mail is helping to get potential clients to networking events and first meetings. It is also helps to accelerate deals and celebrate customer milestones. Forrester interviewed Heidi Bullock, CMO of Engagio, who explained, “‘For our tier-one accounts we hyper-personalize our gifts — it is really a 1-to-1 effort — and we have seen an 85% confirm rate on first meetings.’”

The data shows that customers appreciate personalized and tailored direct mail. It’s important to use these moments to your advantage. Be sure to reach out to your customers soon after they have received their gift or personalized card. Contacting your customers soon after will make it more likely that they will schedule a meeting or purchase your product.

A few things to remember when sending out direct mail:

  • Make sure direct mail is personalized

The purpose of direct mail is to capture your audience in a new way, so be sure that your direct mail is eye-catching and personalized. This is not the time to send generic notes or mail to your customers. 

  • Send gifts that are appropriate

When sending gifts, there is a fine balance between being personalized and being too personal. Appropriate gifts tend to be those that complement a known hobby or can be useful in the office.

  • Consider who you are targeting in the company

If you are trying to target large companies, reaching the top management team can be challenging. Consider targeting buyers who can share their gifts or personalized notes with others in the company. 

If finding the time to send direct mail to your clients seems overwhelming, consider working with a company like Client Porter. Client Porter creates turn-key personalized client appreciation programs to help you stand out from your competition. 

When you choose Client Porter you get a team of experts focused on strengthening relationships with your clients and their families. Client Porter will take care of everything, so that you and your team don’t have to. 

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