In this day in age, businesses and customers are inundated with technology. Many potential clients delete emails from unknown senders immediately and refuse to answer phone calls from unfamiliar numbers. This makes it challenging to make a personal connection and to reach prospective clients.  For these...

Local search advertising can be highly effective, because it allows advisors to tailor their brand messages very precisely to fit what prospects in their area are looking for. As the Web grows, more people are submitting geographically constrained searches to sites like Google to find local businesses and filter out everything else.

A lot of advisors remain skeptical when it comes to using Twitter to attract new prospects, I urge you to consider using it for new lead generation and as a way to strengthen existing client relationships. Twitter is particularly effective for advisors who are trying to position themselves as experts in their financial niche. Effectively, Twitter gives you another place to showcase your knowledge and expertise, and the social network effect helps your messaging reach its widest possible audience.

The key to attracting high-net-worth clients is making them understand you are an expert on understanding and solving their issues by communicating to them in a consistent and educational way. Years ago, it was possible to sign clients with one meeting. Today, due to market volatility and a general decrease in trust, a prospective client needs to hear about you, visit your website and be convinced that you are the right advisor for them over a period of time. Based on industry research and interviews I have done with HNW investors and the advisors that serve them, the top 4 issues that HNW investors face are: